How to USB Tether Your Android Phone to Mac OS X Using HoRNDIS

** This is not a Hack and does not require rooting the phone. You must have carrier privileges to tether before you start **
In this video I discuss how to USB tether your Android smartphone to a Mac OS X computer to share the phones 4G connection. USB tethering is more secure and reliable than using the hotspot. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Macbook Pro Retina. However this should work on any Android Jellybean Phone.

We will install a lite-weight open source utility named…


  1. i cant believe it, but it works on a bunch of old crap! I have a mid year 2009 17" Macbook Pro and a 2014Droid Moto'-Z and it actually workd! Make sure you restart…THANK YOU!!!! Did I say thank you? THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. how to remove this stupid horndis app from my mac which is not working and i couldnt find this stupid app

  3. Works perfect! I write this on my mac station OSX 10.11.6 with internet from my samsung. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for this video. I went ahead and installed HoRNDIS. Unfortunately, although I see my Samsung Android in the Network list, it's color is not green, but yellow. It says "Status: Connected" but it also says "Samsung_Android has a self-assigned IP address and will not be able to connect to the internet." I notice that the Router and DNS Server numbers are blank. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks so much.

  5. Amazing. Thank you professor. I always wondered how to perform this connection as I need to work from remote area time to time. This is sweet, I have now connected my work Android phone Samsung J5 with Macbook late 2008 aluminium unibody laptop, running Yosimite 10.10.5. Thanks again.

  6. I have Moto G 2nd Gen, and in the other Hand OS X Yosemite. Its not showing anyway in the Network Window. 🙁 Can somebody help?

  7. i am on 10.11 newest mac OS, using the Samsung s5, this dose not work for me. is there another way i can do this?

  8. Can i share my internet connection to an old G4 using usb hethering with my LG G3 (5.0) connected via wifi?

  9. How yoh supose to download that file if you trying to get internet from uir phone in the first place

  10. On Android 5 / lollipop you need to reboot and it's perfectly work thnaks you for the freedom of use on a Mac OSx !!!!

  11. I'm using a galaxy s3 and everything downloaded but did connect to the internet on my computer

  12. Thank you so much Adam for this tutorial. I've been looking for ways to usb tether my mac to my new Google Nexus 5 for hours. With the help of your video now I can, brilliant!

  13. Galaxy s4 on Sprint, this only allows the wifi connection to be shared. Gives error about not being able make a mobile connection MIP 67 when i try to share with data only.

  14. worked beautifully with my mac mountain lion, and my cyanogen mod 10.2 rooted samsung tab 2 7.0 thank you!!!

  15. Worked on the 1st try on my friends S4 AT&T, Guess Tmobile is wise to this…

  16. Do you need to have your wsp add hotspot to your data plan? USB tether is grayed out on S3 T mobile.

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