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Asphalt 9: Legends features…


  1. It took me 7 days to 9 days to get 19 cars in this game so idk how fast ill get S class cars

  2. Im 14 away from centenario daily carloot and spe ial events and class cups has helped me a lot

  3. I am too close to get the 2nd star for my Lamborghini Centenario, I have 10/13 blueprints

  4. Oh god your a genius I can finally find a way to get class B-A-S thanks for refreshing me

  5. You Forgot that Career mode helps as well but good video anyway.

  6. For me only this works well zepisguides. com Added full of credits and tokens to my account already.

  7. Wait you get one of the 40 blueprints per day but you started two weeks ago, just wondering because I have a much higher rank than you but im only close to getting the vulcan

    or did you just want to inform beginners while you spent money?

  8. Lol the NSX should be A not C, Shelby should be B not D and the LaFerrari and P1 are way faster than the Centenario they should be S and the Centenario should be A

  9. hi cmg i found the best pack for cars in top drives is the ceramic pack on my 4 or 5 pack i get the bmw m3 epic and i gives cars from all countrys its 32500 dolars but pais up realy nice i get c d b a class cars that somtimes are realy fast and cool

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