How to Unlock the Bootloader on your HTC device like the HTC 10

how to unlock the bootloader on the HTC 10 with simple tutorial. click show more to see all the links and files needed in the video description below

If you have a Verizon HTC 10 and want it s off and unlocked check out this link

Link to XDA post that you should read

Link to HTC site for unlock

Link to adb and fastboot…


  1. Still working baby ! got stuck with the fastboot command, I had to instal some drivers and uninstal HTC sync and that was good. cheers and have a good root

  2. I am trying to unlock bootloader in other to fix bluetooth, wifi and hotspot problem. But, my fastboot command window is not opening. help please

  3. Hey.. Great Vid.. Thanks
    Anyone managed to root the HTC 10 from a mac without paying for 3rd party software?
    and successfully..?

  4. You are THE MAN! I have tried since Christmas to figure out how to unlock a phone I bought as a gift. It was pure embarrassing when it wouldn't work with ANY carrier I tried. Then I downloaded a program that was supposed to root the phone automatically and it put a virus on my brand new laptop that I can't get rid of. I have been frustrated to tears but your video walked me right through the process with only a minor hitch. When I put the commands in Windows Powershell (cmd wasn't an option) it wouldn't recognize them. I had to type . before each command and it worked like a charm! Now I need the next step to SIM unlock it. Can you tell me where to go next, please? Thank you!!

  5. Hello. I have an HTC 626s. And am troubled find the stock rom it came with. I when to the HTC site but they only offer the upgraded firmware. And on the phone . The HTC kit keep asking me for the downgraded version.

  6. HTC 10 AU : I got into trouble in step 7, after submit token code i have replay "error code 170, reason cid not allowed" please help sir, thankyou

  7. When I paste 'fastboot oem get_identifier_token' and hit enter another window with the long block of text appears but very briefly (less that half a second) and then disappears. Anyone know the cause of this and how to fix it.

  8. When i press shift and right click in folder it says Open PowerShell Window Here how to i get Open CMD Here

  9. Many thanks to you for making this video and simplifying the instructions. Really, it means a lot to me. Thank you.

  10. Hi i am using htc 10 Sprint carrier phone, This phone is rooted for working on GSM network. Now i want it back to official stok androied, will it lock GSM carrier again if i return into stok androied? Now in this phone gesture and androied wear app dae not working, will it also work ? Plz tell me

  11. Hi,
    really can't find anyone to help unlock my sprint htc 10 and return it will cost another $35. So…here I am with no tech background. I am not sure at the steps where you typed "adb devices" (around 5:40) My laptop is a Win10 so instead of command window I have PowerShell window (hopefully it works the same?). When I did "adb devices", it tells me that it cannot recognize the term "adb". I am pretty sure in my folders I have all four subjects that you have.
    which are: fastboot(application), AdbWinUsbApi.dll, adb(application), AdbWinApi.dll
    you said you have the binaries for both. What does that mean and how can I get it?

    Sorry for the long question and thanks in advance

  12. my htc 10 is stuck in black screen "htc powerd by android" and it keeps doing it again and again when i try to turn it on.and when i try to unroot it using ruu setup,it shows me error 120"main battery low"or your battery is under wont get in to download mode either.

  13. What are you doing to select the fastboot code? I right-click -> mark and when I left click, it still selects the entire body of the text

  14. how do you copy only the bootloader code? You said right click but the menu didn't show for me

  15. You should've started with "You should set up everything again and it will factory reset your phone" I didn't expect that. Luckily all the SMS data is there. Thanks for the tutorial though. I subscribed to get more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Oh, what the hell man?! Why didn't you say it was gonna reset the phone to factory settings BEFORE doing the tutorial!!

  17. I was just wondering if when unlocking the bootloader and install custom roms. Is there a tool for pc like "Odin" for samsung devices on HTC also to install factory firmware if somthing goes wrong? if yes will the warrant be "claimed" after the original firmware is installed?
    keep up the good work!

  18. This works like charm! The process was just a little different on my device (HTC 626). Thanks for this tut!
    In case you peeps can't get it to work on the 626, this is how I did it.
    In short:
    You do everything the same as in the video except putting the phone into download mode, you just enter the token command when you're in fastboot mode, and you'll get your token and then continue to do what's in the video.
    In long, I tried my best:
    When you get to the typing commands bit, what you do is, type in the adb devices command. If you enabled OEM and debugging it probably won't ask you for any permissions (but if it does hit yes), then it should display your serial number and say device next to it, then you have to put your phone into fastboot mode, so do that either using the buttons on your phone or typing in the command on your computer, either one works.
    After you put it into fastboot, go straight into typing in the token command. (Btw, make sure that your phone says fastboot usb on the screen) It should display the token, so just copy and paste it the way he does int the video. After that, you'll get the email with the bin file, so just do what he does in the video, type in the command, and your phone should automatically display the unlock bootloader screen.

  19. I am trying to submit the identifier token key but it says 404 page not found please help someone

  20. Thank you for this Video, worked on first attempt ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thumbs Up & +1 Sub

  21. Hi I have a problem I cant solve.. when I copy/paste the "fastboot oem get_identifier_token" into cmd window I get the message "waiting for device"… what do I do? does it mean USB debugging? I have already given permission…please help

  22. This worked like a charm. Thanks for this video. my only question is when i restart the phone, i need to go to the secret menu with ##4636## and reset to CDMA every time. is there a way to lock it so i don't have to repeat the process?

  23. On linux be sure to run fastboot as root otherwise it will get stuck waiting for devices.

  24. Hey, thanks a lot for your video!

    Is there any way to relock the bootloader? Is this the only method available to unlock the bootloader?

  25. Excellent video. I tried doing this myself (before watching the video) but kept failing due to the confusing instructions between download mode & bootloader mode.

    The video clarified that. Thanks!

  26. Do you have a tutorial with Mac OSX, where are you copying the adb fastboot files to? everytime we run the fastboot command in a mac terminal its not doing anything. If you have a tutorial for Mac OSX users it would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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