How to Unlock iPhone Passcode | Bypass LockScreen

You can try 4uKey to by iPhone/iPad lockscreen, easy and fast:

Secret Life hack which can unlock and bypass your IPHONE Lock Screen WITHOUT Passcode, Easy and Fast!

This works also without Siri. Just Open control center from the bottom and open clock from there.

This is only tested on iOS 10.3.1. On the newer version of iOS it has been patched by Apple. So you can’t unlock the passcode which is above iOS 10.3.1

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  1. Hey! Siri won't listen to me. Can I use the Sim card from my new phone and put in the Iphone 7 that's locked to make Siri listen?
    It still says it's disabled and to connect to Itunes. I did and it said Value is missing. Any suggestions that I could try? I want to give my old Iphone to my granddaughter and I forgot the code. I erased the phone from Icloud. Now it's all messed up. HELP!

  2. It only unlcoks to the person who set up seri dumbies why you think it says Siri what's the time ad other 2 or 3 questions

  3. Worthless… How about a description. Video is barely viewable and it's not AT ALL clear what you're doing.

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