How to Unlock/Flash TWRP/ROOT Moto G5 Plus! Best way to root it!

In this video lets see how to Root Moto G5 Plus Easily and safely without having bootloop issues. Follow the video completely and you will not face any issues in rooting moto G5 plus!

Unlock Bootloader website-
TWRP Recovery-
Magisk ZIP file-
ADB folder-
LazyFlasher –


  1. Sir i followed your steps and now my phone is not charging it didnt show twrp on laptop either when i connected it to the system please help

  2. after doing this when i go to recovery mode its showing fail now what should i do help

  3. HEY I'm in im looking to root my moto g5 plus in 2020 but when I click on the link for the TWRP file the androiddevs site is not working and I can't download it. Please help me!!!

  4. Bhai your voice in hindi… Hindi m dalo ye wali video mere samjh nhi aya english.

  5. I face this problem <waiting for device> ??? Plz provide the solution as this problem is faced by many people in comment section but no one provide the solution.

  6. Its been long time my moto was hard bricked, and in 2018 there was no solution for it but now I got blank flash. By doing blank flash I was able to boot my device in fastboot mode. I tried to install twrp. Everything goes correctly as shown in the video. But when I try to boot into recovery it loops again. I also tried installing stock rom through your unbrick video but nothing works… My device only loops at warning message "your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted". It has stuck at this message, it shuts off, restarts and show the same warning message again. This has been the continuous loop going on if I start the device or go in recovery mode, things remain the same. Do you have any solution????

  7. The TWRP file is not available in the link. Help!!!!!!

  8. hi
    once i give the first command that is 'fastboot oem get_unlock_data'
    then will my phone will start atleast so that i can use it till the mail comes from motorola
    please reply as fast as you can
    My device is Moto C Plus

  9. Once I give the first command of the OEM unlock, then will my phone start , till I receive the mail.
    Please tell me as soon as possible…

  10. I face a error while install twrp in moto g5 plus..
    Error: failed to load kernel!
    Please help to solve this

  11. facing invalid partition error while flashing twrp.img recovery after unlocking bootloader

    model : moto g6plus
    kindly help.

  12. Link for TWRP recovery is not working. Please share TWRP image download link for Moto G5S plus

  13. when i open the twrp link it's showing nothing and i tried right click and save as that too not working please reply fast,

  14. Bro I done as you said but after that when I check root checkr it says your device is not rooted successfully what to do now

  15. damn .. that video was playing at ( 2x ) speed i thought! 😀

  16. hi bro it sows Your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking. what am i suppose to do now

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