How to Unlock Bootloader on Android! [Android Root 101 #1]

Want to root your Android smartphone or tablet?  Want to install TWRP recovery and enjoy loads of custom ROMs available today for your Android device?  Well, if so, in this tutorial I show you how to do exactly that starting with unlocking the bootloader.  Before you can install TWRP recovery or install custom ROMs on your Android device, you will have to unlock the bootloader in most cases.

Android devices guaranteed to work on:

– Google devices like any Google Nexus or Pixel devices…


  1. when i write ;adb reboot bootloader' it goes to Download mode and when i enter any code it says< waiting for any device >
    can someone please help.

  2. Hello Max, can you help out? I cant Unlock Bootloader on my Huawei mate 10 lite, after use the adb and fastboot, it asks me a password every time, I cant find any software free to do it. Can you help me? Thanks.

  3. please make a video for innovation g27 tablet , i firstly flash it by flashyfy software and then turn of my device. From that time its logo just shadowing on the screen. how can I solve this please help me.
    thanks for reading this.

  4. Hey fix your website download link page…it says ur trying to steal our stuff and all

  5. Hi, i accidentally erased my P30 Pro and lost everything. i have been trying to get some videos back (car insurance requires my dash cam footage) that i save on the phone but now have lost. I have tried all different ways to retrieve the video but nothing has helped (downloaded numerous apps and they all say 0 videos found). Can you please advise what i can do to get these 2 clips back?? Any help and advise would be appreciated. Thank you

  6. I have an LG V20 that i own and I want to use for vlogging. Will this work for me and will it remove the Verizon splash animation?

  7. One plus T-Mobile at cmd prompt fastboot oem unlock still says Flashing unlock is not allowed. So I am at a standstill. This is a one plus 6t without the oem unlock due to the fact they don't allow it with T-Mobile until completely paid off. Please help!

  8. im on lg stylo 5 LM-Q720PS and ive followed all the steps till we get to the command prompt. after cd fastboot to adb reboot bootloader and it says error: no devices?emulators found. what do i do?

  9. not working on One plus 6t
    * daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037

    * daemon started successfully

    error: device unauthorized.

    This adb server's $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set

    Try 'adb kill-server' if that seems wrong.

    Otherwise check for a confirmation dialog on your device.

  10. Yo bro i got a download message when my phone turned of is that new?

  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 in. 32GB that I got from my cousin. He didn't wipe it before had and when I tried to do the hard reset it tells me in the setup phase that an unauthorized reset has been attempted and to enter the google account to continue. My cousin won't give me the account so am I screwed? Thank you

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