How to Unbrick every MTK China Phone ! Preloader / SP Flashtool Fix [HD]

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Sup Guys! Welcome back to a new china phone tutorial for MTK based China phones !

Today I will show you how to unbrick every chinese smartphone which is based on…


  1. I'm here from 2020. This video helped me to unbrick my chinese handheld gaming console on Android Nougat. 10/10

  2. Hard bricked Umidigi A5 Pro, was unbricked with this instruction. VolDown+Power send phone to MTK Mode, after that flashing was successfull. Before that, it was a Unknown Device.

  3. i recently bricked by lenovo a3300-GV its not booting not vibrating even not showing charging. The same condition has occurred few months ago then i have flashed it with sp tool on window 7 32bit System and its worked. But this time i have Windows 10 64bit when i flashed lenovo a3300-gv mtkxxx_140826 rom after successfully flashed the tab dont showing anything or in same Condition plz Help What was going wrong this time. is 64bit system fault for driver compatibility or i have to flash another version rom suggest me. Please ­čśč­čĄĄ

  4. My phone cant be flashed, it keeps saying Error SEC_PV_VFY_FAIL.
    Any idea how to fix this?

  5. I found this error
    Storage type mismatch!
    scatter storage type is HW_STORAGE_EMMC

    target storage type is HW_STORAGE_NAND

  6. I'm trying to bring back to life a Huawei Ascend G730-U251 and I'm failing over and over and over! I was able to install the MediaTek driver with the driver signature enforcement disabled. I tried quite a lot of versions of the FlashTool. I donwloaded a ROM for the phone but I keep getting a lot of errors! Please help!

  7. Hi, I totally bricked Maze Alpha. I am not able to install preloader. It start but no flashing, only red bar and after 2 minutes error.

  8. ciao,ho un ulefone power 5 brickato,come posso risolvere?grazie

  9. I used "Format whole flash" in sp Flash tool now this error comes Enable DRAM. kindly Help me

  10. What to do if downloading ROM always gives S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL(4032)? Everytime I try to flash/format I get this…

  11. On my case the driver still disconnecting and connecting every single time, i tried to hold the volume button and down button but still doesn't work, there's a way that i can make stop in one driver?

  12. my phone dogee x10 when i flashed him with latest spflashtool he stoped in red download DA

  13. this is so fucking annoying I tried to re-flash my tablet device since 5 days. I am totally fuckedup and getting angry. I am always getting error codes and there is no fucking decent solution to fix them.

    also turkish quote for native turks: am─▒na kodumun hometech tabletini alan akl─▒m─▒ sikeyim. almay─▒n ald─▒rmay─▒n.

  14. Is there a fix if you flashed nand preloader and the phone is emmc or am i fucked

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