How to transfer from iPhone to Android – The Complete Guide!

The transition from iPhone to Android is a painful one. It is not easy, especially for those who have grown too attached to their iPhones. But, for many people, the move is often a necessary one.

We made this video tutorial because we want your migration from iPhone to Android to be as painless and as easy as possible. You will learn several easy methods for carrying out the various common tasks associated with transferring from iPhone to Android for good, particularly the following:



  1. Appreciate the detailed layout of the process. You keep referring to "My PC". To most Apple users it's a MAC.

  2. So if you happen to be switching to a Samsung phone, they have an app called Smart Switch that does everything for you. Waaaay easier.

  3. Welcome to the 21st century. Please grab your iphone cable and stick it into a rock. Upload your videos first to this rock. then throw the rock to your iphone genius and yell at him untill the videos transfer to another mobile phone while everybody elses uses wifi or networks to transfer data. Now say beeh like a fluffy sheep and follow iphone to hell where it was created.

  4. Yeah I know this is getting on to 6 years old but why does an organisation with the word “Authority” in their title not update this? Coming off iOS to the other “A” word, why was this the first search result when I go ogled (sic) transfer. Not only is it old but Google Music? Seriously? And it’s probably just me but that narrator sounds like thee text to speech guy on my computer. I know it’s gonna be a long and painful learning curve. Wish me luck.

  5. Thank you!! I spent a couple of days and different strategies trying to transfer my calendar from my old iphone to my android. Only part of my calendar was transferring. I followed your step-by-step instructions and it finally worked right!

  6. hi. i wish to transfer my whatsapp data from iphone to android device. your help and efforts are much appreciated. kindly help. thanks.

  7. Just use the Samsung Smart Switch, if you are switching to a Samsung device. Type Smart Switch in to the search feature on your Samsung device. Super easy and quick!

  8. I need to transfer the data of my iphn i.e whatsApp data to andriod, can anyone help me out?

  9. Just switched from iPhone to android after 8 years of Apple. Any tips on how to transfer game center data? Thanks

  10. I was watching this but the way you jack yourself off in the first few words, its just shitty the way you talk about apple. jesus

  11. Who’s watching in 2024? Congrats, it’s 10 years since this video was made! 😉

  12. How about the text messages and call logs? Will they be transferred along with the contacts?

  13. Android Authority,How can I move my messenger application from my old iPhone4s  to my new Samsung? I managed to transfer other data to my new Samsung(pictures and videos) but rhe messenger application has not been transferred to my new Samsung. any idea on how to move the application to my new Samsung? Many thanks.

  14. Useful info; what I still need to know, tho, is how to transfer apps from iPhone to Android?

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