How to transfer files from Samsung to Mac…it’s easy by using the Smart Switch! 👍😉✌️

Download link for the Smart Switch:


  1. You're a life saver!! Thank you so much, I thought I could only backup everything when all I needed was one file!

  2. I see this is over 3 years old and it is still helping a lot. So simple, like most things once you know how. I now have all my phone photos on my imac system, Thank you thank you from Australia.

  3. This doesn't work for me 🙁 I want to download my pictures, but when I press pictures it only shows files from Instagram and Messenger for some reason :/

  4. why does (google) Android File Transfer suck so much, while this app works flawlessly (macbook to android phone)? Samsung has better coders than google?

  5. Smart Switch is a f,king pain in the a,,.. doesn't work at all. Is the shittiest app for transfer.

  6. You cant preview the files meanwhile exploring you have to tranfer one by one and then figuring out what file are you transfering. A no for me

  7. So frustrating using this as I can't change the default way it is sorted, and have tonnes of files in my camera folder – very hard to look for files, even if I do rename them. Any hacks/suggestions?

  8. oh this worked like a breeze thanks a ton i have been struggling with samsung Vs iMac for ages- this is simple.

  9. I have been looking for a solution for so long, your video saved me, thank you so much!! <3 Greetings from Croatia!

  10. thank you so much…all these other apps were getting way too complicated doing something that is soo simple…woulds be nice however, if the photo app in Mac would respond to androids too, at least for photos.

  11. I tried this but the Date Created and Date Modified of my photos changed when I transferred it to my mac. Is there a way to remedy this? I wanna keep the original dates

  12. Im using Windows, but Im so glad SmartSwitch exists for mac, too ! Knowing this I can buy a macbook in future without worrying about sync. SmartSwitch is absolutely the best software Ive used so far. I used it yesterday for the first time, it saved all settings, apps, pictures in like 15-20 mins, and restored everything with 1 click after factory reset… even the order of menu icons were the same as before!

    For the same save&backup I used to root my phone years ago, and download TitaniumBackup, now I'm amazed, that it's free, and no root required.

    Thanks for the video, as others said, I didnt know I can watch the folder as well in Switch.

  13. best way to transfer files, better than the android transfer app

  14. Finally! a lot of other videos were using 3rd party transfer methods…. and it was frustrating that none of them seemed to work! Big thanks for the video upload…. now i don't have to trash my macbook

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