How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

If you are looking to transfer files between Android and macOS, we show you the best ways to transfer files between Android and Mac via USB cable without internet.

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  1. Yo, can I transfer my minecraft app with this XD I'm just so desperate to have it on my mac.

  2. Not sure why but my android file transfer just doesn't open. Keeps crashing before the final step. It worked a few times before but now i just can't open it anymore. frustrating

  3. It is no exactly for my phone (Huawei ) I have changed some steps but it works! 😀 So happy, thank you.

  4. am losing resolution when I try to transfer from MacBook to my android there any way to transfer it without losing image quality. 7.7 MB files r getting converted to 1.5 or 2 MB files when I transfer

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