How to tether android phone wirelessly to a mac without applications or rooting!

this is the easiest way to tether your phone to your mac and it requires no downloads or rooting. it does it through bluetooth. Its so easy i figured it out all by myself. There are pretty much no vids or tutorials on how to do this so i thought i would make one for you guys.

1. enable bluetooth on PHONE and COMPUTER
2. make bluetooth discoverable on PHONE and COMPUTER
3. go to bluetooth preferences
4. press the “+”…


  1. Great vid. Unfortunately, in, let say, maverick it doesn't show "discoverable" and I don't see any alternative.

  2. Is it possible to USB hardwire an android phone to an iMac? If so how? Me, I would rather not have the Bluetooth exposure (“Discoverability“), nor the Bluetooth radiation.

  3. this is a tutorial on how to tether an android device to a Mac, not a Mac to an android device. At the end of the tutorial, you prove the connection by showing how google works on your Mac, whereas you should be showing how google works on your Android device.

  4. Din.t work on my s4 – but think android have closed the option to tether phone to apple products – payback back i guess lol

  5. WAIIIT!!! I have an android motorola razr max hd, and a macbook dual core intel with osx lion 10.7.5… THERE IS NO OPTION FOR BLUETOOTH PAN INTERFACE??!?!?! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?

  6. The part he didnt show you was you have to go to your settings on you phone and actually select and make your phone being seen. Mine will only hold that for 2 minutes. but on my make i have to click on make computer visible. then both number will match up.

  7. sounds good ive been looking out too cause yesterday i updated to jelly bean and i used foxfi and it now no longer works unfortunately =

  8. i also have the nexus now too lol. it appears that they have blocked it because they want you to use their built in tethering via usb/bluetooth/ wifi hotspot (however, you have to pay extra for these services) =/

    Check the google play store. they might have an app that will bypass it. ill try to keep an eye out for app or another way around it.

  9. I used to do this with my Nokia 5300 when I used to pay $6 for data on Tmobile. Then I switched to Virgin Mobile. Now I can do free tethering using WIFI hotspot on my LG Optimus V. My whole bill is less than $28 a month for 300 minutes, unlimited data and text. I save more, and it's better now.

  10. @maxp8ntballer Should have changed your title to HOW TO TETHER with X phone…. over bluetooth..

  11. @01Commenter10 ok bud. calm down with you 4 comment rant. dont be calling me an idiot and a nimrod. how was i suposed to know all androids dont have PAN? i found it out myself and it worked for me so therefore i put it on youtube to share with other people who might find it useful.

  12. This video ONLY works if your phone supports the bluetooth PAN (personal area network) profile.. If your phone does not have this profile, this video will not work for you….
    The idiot said in his title HOW TO TETHER ANDROID… well not all android phones have bluetooth PAN…!!!!!

  13. @tmvmerlino thats cause your phone does NOT have the bluetooth PAN profile within its bluetooth software… This idiot is not very specific when he did this video…
    His phone DOES have bluetooth PAN which is why it works for him 🙂

  14. @ZacharyDavidR your droid does not have Bluetooth PAN profile, which is WHY it does not work for you… This nim-rod should have been more specific on bluetooth tethering cause not all phones can do it.. Does not matter if its a MAC or PC, if your phone does not support Bluetooth PAN, it wont work…

  15. This does NOT work with EVO cause EVO does not have the PAN profile within its Bluetooth software..!!!

  16. @ThinkPureTruth i have not seen a $30 charge on my bill for using this bluetooth workaround and i use it all the time on the go. i think its because when you use the internet from your phone on your computer via bluetooth, the phone thinks it borrowing it instead of it becoming a second user. also there is no process related to tethering when i do it.

  17. Why is it mt understanding that the cell provider will see a tether but not a rooting. Tethering is another 30 mth charge even if you only use it 1ce per month. Some have told me that rooting keeps the process invisible to the provider. Thanks for your future comment. Take care.

  18. @djartman1 what? the only thing you do on your phone is turn on bluetooth, make it discoverable, and click pair when the passcode pops up. after that everything is done on the computer. if you still need help just ask

  19. @sam74830033 this means your phone is paired but not connected to your computer. delete the bluetooth PAN you created under networks, and clear your computer from the bluetoth list on your phone. try again and when you get to the "bluetooth mobile phone setup" leave everything the way it is even if its blank and hit continue THEN quit.

  20. @sonyfreak4069 not sure what your asking? do you mean connecting the phone to the ipad instead of the computer? or ipad to computer?

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