HOW TO TAME DINOS! Ark: Mobile Beginner's Guide Episode 4

HOW TO TAME DINOS! Ark: Mobile Beginner’s Guide Episode 4

Device: iPhone 8 Plus

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  1. Tip: let the Dino starve then put food in it then it will eat super fast and the taming process will go faster

  2. You gave me hope I thought mobile ark was trash because I can’t mark my home

  3. I pubg 130 raw meat to peternodon but it do not tame is that glitch or what please tell me mam

  4. Somethings wrong when I try to tame and they end up dying after the last shot of the tranquilizing arrows

  5. You know i literally camped on a rock for nearly an hour trying to knock out a Therizinosaurus and managed to bring down its health from 2500 to about 230 and then i ran out of sling shots (and could not repair them) so i tried to used my club, fell off the rock and rage quit after what happened next for about a week. Ahhhhh, thats Ark Survival for ya!

  6. Really helpful just started playing it really thank you

  7. i downloaded this game and got killed a dozen times 😃 i dont know what to do .. level 1 noob😂

  8. Thank you So much i don't know how to tame dino but when i watch your video i understand how to tame Keep It Up

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