How to sync your android phone to your mac

Do you have an android phone and a mac? Have you ever wondered how you can sync your android phone to your mac in a cool easy fun manner? Well now you can!! just watch this video to learn more.


  1. i want to say thank you so much for this tutouring. i have learned so much and i love this so much that now i am able to easily transfer my precious photos to my iMac desktop. love it

  2. you say you are going to show how to sync, say contact, but you dont show nor explain noting. sorry 4 u

  3. Hi, I was able to sync my music. However I couldn't sync my contacts from my Mac to my android. Any ideas in this regard???

  4. Great job! Very clear, I mean, even I got it! Anyway, keep up the good work and you have my vote!! Cheers, don

  5. Thanks for the share this video makes my day i had problem getting some photo and music to my new Android phone, thanks, good day

  6. You're a dipshit! You didn't teach us how to sync an android phone to a mac computer. Learn how to correct the title of your video. You Filipinos suck!!

  7. It is very good program and helpful to me to transfer from my android and Mac as i need

  8. How do you change the download directory? When I'm trying to download files off my phone and onto my computer, how do I pick another file folder other than "Downloads"?

  9. Yes now it is Oct 2016 . My mac book now has Photo no more iPhoto and I want to know how to get picts into it from my droid.

  10. I tried some downloads for other apps that didn't work at all. I was about to give up and found ur video. This is sooo easy. I'm really looking forward to using this. Apple told me it wasn't even possible. I'm really excited to use this!!

  11. …now it's 2016.  Is this still the way to go or has something "better" come out since?

  12. Great Work thank you so much!! Truly a blessing to know im about to go from iphone6s+ to a New Note 7 and this is what i was looking for!!

  13. hey, my brother told me about this free app called Sunshine that connects your devices transfers device to device on the fly. u could send, transfer and stream files in other devices. extremely convenient it was kinda hard for me to find any videos about them but here's one. u should check it out.

  14. I mainly want to sync my calendar on my mac to my samsung phone. Will this work for doing this?

  15. Thanks for taking the time to do this video. Very informative and helped me connect my Mac Pro with my Android LG4 successfully.

  16. Thank you very much for your informative video. I am now fully satisfied using Android with my MacBook. ^^

  17. dude, good loooooks!!!! my first try looking for how to do this was this video and "walla" my search ended. Thanks Techboy

  18. Thank you for the video. hOw do I unload contact from my Android to my Mac. i want to wipe my phone clean but make sure my contacts are stored on my Mac

  19. thanks for this video that's amazing, you finally solved my problem. Thanks a lot

  20. I know this video is about sync but can I monitor my mac through webcame of my laptop in to my android mobile if I am away from the computer?

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