How to Stream from Android Phone to OBS Studio Installation Guide 2019

How to stream from any android that has a camera to the OBS Studio 2019 easy installation guide and i will show you that.

first install droidcam on android playstore and after that just open up obs studio on your windows linux or even mac os computer and add a source calle web click ok and just enter the ip from your android droidcam application and tweak it to your liking. enjoy.
these are free applications and a very easy way to stream wirelessly live from your phone or smartphone.


  1. Thank you so much! It was such a great help! My only problem that I could not change the resolution and it was fixed at 800×600

  2. I got the OBS and Samsung Galaxy 8+ to work great together. However, the video is really lagging since I am streaming on FB Live. I have DROIDCAM working on wifi. Could that be the problem?

  3. I tried…

    THANK YOU! **went a little over the caps**

    But then what did u use to record recording OBS?

  4. Hi, I know this video is from may, but just came across it as I am looking to get an android. Currently have an Iphone and I use OBS via a USB cable. I see there is no way to do this with android. So the question is: Is there a loss in quality of recording when using the wifi connection? Is there a lag ? Is there a limitation in resolution?

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