How To Show WiFi Key or Password on your iPhone

4uKey-Password Manager can show WiFi password and other password stored on your iPhone:

In this tutorial you will learn How to Hack Any WiFi Password on an iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. This can be only possible if your phone has the Jailbreak.

NOTE: This is not the Hacking Video of WiFi, its…


  1. I literally saw just one page of your apps, and already so many viruses

  2. Fake…i had delete after downloading bcz that app is just generate random passwords…that you can create on your own very easily
    Not telling the actual wifi key

  3. Nope! Another terrible waste of time. I know its not that hard to see the password. Ive done it before without downloading more crap

  4. This is useless!We have to download cydia before we can use the wifi!This is so useless😤

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