How to share screen on Zoom for Android

Screen share Zoom. Share screen on Zoom for Android. Screen Share your Android device. Share screen Zoom on Android. Share screen for Android. This tutorial is compatible with any Android device, so you can Share screen on Samsung devices, Share screen on Huawei devices, Share screen on Nokia devices, Share screen on LG devices.

So if you wish to share screen on Zoom for Android follow this step by step tutorial.

For you to share screen on android you will need to join a meeting and have…


  1. Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions please ask us and we will try to answer you as fast as possible. Please write a new comment not a reply to any comments… as I do not receive the correct notifications on replies! Thank you!

  2. Sharing screen is a good idea but some participants tend to misuse it and start scribbling on it….is there any way by which this can be stopped especially when all you have is an Android phone….

  3. How to Enable Device Audio while Screen sharing?…
    I want to share Audio And screen Also…in android phone

  4. Everyone who makes helpful technical HOW TO videos has a foreign accent. Are Americans born here really all idiots that require an influx of people from other nations to teach us how to use tech? No wonder Trump is the President. I am NOT a bigot. I love everyone who has a brain (which leaves out a lot of Americans). It just seems that when it comes to high tech, we have to "ship in" our intelligence.

  5. Hi! This is so useful since i'm about to start a class using this application. I hope there is further example tho, on how do we want to play a video or open a presentation… Thank's!

  6. As i am playing video on screen sharing the audio is not audible how can i enable audio for sharing video on zoom app??

  7. Hai sir..this video is very useful for me. But i have a doubt. When i try to play video in the screen, it says u can not play video during calling . what can i do ?? Kindly say some idea

  8. My friends can't hear my system sound… there a feature that can enable the sound??????

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