How to Setup Mouse and Controls on PSCX2

How to Setup Mouse and Controls on PSCX2

1) Setup PS2 Emulator – PSCX2 Tutorial:

2) Go to Config, Plugin/BIOS selector
GS – Adapter – Default or Intel HD Graphics 3000
Renderer – Direct3D10 (Hardware) or (Latest Direct3D)

3) Pad – LilyPad

4) LilyPad3 Gaming Edition pre-config bindings download:

Name the extension .lily

5) Mouse API – Windows messaging is selected


  1. Doesn't work verry well, either the controls are brocken and work only sometimes or have to be renamed and applied plus it kick you out of the game sometimes

  2. Hey man good lookin! Went back and got all the old Res titles and so far been having to play w/ a fucked up manual keyboard bind lol THANKS FAM!

  3. Hey I'm doing this stuff in 2020 still, quarantine's got me trying new stuff, thanks for your help though, stay safe y'all

  4. thank you so much ive been trying to play this one game for a long time!!!

  5. Hey man can i use a smartphone to be a controller in my PCSX2? I wanted to play it like regular control..please help tq

  6. the video is only good because of how it was made in 2015 and looks like it was made in 2009

  7. Thanks so much. This is the only guide that fixed my problem. I was trying to play Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

  8. Hi , can you help me with something ?
    I'm trying to play games in pcsx2 that requires microphone ( singstar or idk what they call it ) and i can't find any tutorial anywhere for it.
    Can you help ?

  9. I don't have the LilyPad3 Gaming file, why I don't know maybe someone could help

  10. How did i not know about this shit. I was watching SOG and he talked about emulators in his newest video.

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