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  1. Just did that with my friends, new Kia forte. Cant wait 2 get my truck, and set up my system! One thing I am curious about. I placed a data stick in the USB slot. I had music, on the data stick. Alicia Keys played for a sec! Then the sound went out???

  2. should I install Android auto both on my phone and headunit or just the head unit?

  3. mine just keeps saying incompatible usb. how did you get it to start working?

  4. Note sure the Bluetooth paring is even required for Android Auto, only for audio streaming. My NEX4200 Headunit needed me to setup the input/output setting then Smartphone setup, then Device: Others; Connection: USB2; Android Auto: On. Once done exit then reboot then connect the phone. Do not bother with the main menu on the NEX on the left side of the screen. Android auto should recognize the phone and prompt for permissions via the phone. On my Sony Z3 it needed to install/update several Apps including Google Play services. Note that I needed to plug and unplug my phone several times and it took at least 5 minutes to complete the process. Note that I succesfully got it working on a Nexus6, Note4, and IPhone 6 (carplay) – basically every phone in my family.

  5. I have an s6 connected through Bluetooth. I also have a usb port in my car. Neither one is recognized when i open android auto app. I'm a little confused. Are you connecting Android auto thru Bluetooth or USB

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