How to Setup ADB, Fastboot & USB Drivers on Windows (Easiest Method)

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Video Description:
Here’s how to setup ADB, Fastboot & USB Drivers on Windows in the easiest way.

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  1. yea I tried everything you said and it didn't work. also, I'm not in the best of moods soooo fuck you and that fact that you haven't addressed this issue with other people to is such a shitty thing to do

  2. I dont get any rsa keys…i did all the right stuff, ive tried everything, delete .android files, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling adb, revoke the authorization,used different usb ports nothing i really need help

  3. how can I do this when I cant access my phone anymore because the screen is BROKEN

  4. Nice but when I try in fastboot devices then my PC not able to show any devices why ??

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