How to setup A VPN on iOS or Android and why you should use one

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A VPN is a very useful tool to keep your data secure when on an insecure network. I show you how to setup a VPN on Android and iOS using an iPhone XS Max and Pixel 3 XL. I also go over what a VPN is and why you would use a VPN connection. #VPN #iOS #Android

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  1. I bought Purevpn. I’m having troubled connecting vpn monitor app within Kodi.

  2. Hi Zolltech, Can Surfshark bypassed the Great Wall of China? Do they have a server in China? Did you purchased the Activate privacy beyond VPN (optional)? BlindSearch? Thank.

  3. Was interested in VPN for the past week and I remembered that my favorite YouTuber made a video about it. I went ahead and used the special code in the description.

  4. Get a VPN connection by using the app seems handy to me. In this regard, don't need to configure my device manually. Thanks, Aaron for the great video.

  5. So how do I set up that IOS one instead of buying or using the apps?

  6. Since i switched to Android, i wait for your Android videos:) i remember the old iPhone days when i used to wait for your uploads for every beta update..

  7. Where are free VPNs? VPNs that don’t require a paid subscription? Most VPNs I have found on the App Store are free to download but requires a paid subscription. I don’t want to have pay for it.

  8. I will give it a try, it looks they are not US or EU based either which is important.

  9. Aaron,
    Do I need to add VPN for my I phone 6S plus.? Any recommendations, pls.? Thank you very much. You very much..

  10. Is it safe to sign into sites, like provide my username and passwords, on public WiFi while using a VPN?

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