How To: Set Up Your Fossil Sport Smartwatch

Learn how to use your Fossil Sport Smartwatch powered with Wear OS by Google™, featuring Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 3100 processor by following these easy steps: charge and pair your smartwatch, set up notifications and features, customize your smartwatch, track activity, control music and navigate basic troubleshooting. See description below for easy access to video chapters.

Charging 0:10
Pairing 0:30
Notifications 1:46
Connecting to Wifi 2:20
Google Assistant 2:53
Google Pay…


  1. i can swim with the watch? if i connect the watch via wear os and i enter my car and the phone connect to the car Bluetooth is the watch and car speakers connected at the same time or must disconnect one?

  2. The video is quite fast. I kept having to pause and rewind, which is tricky without a 'go back 10s' button on the Youtube player

  3. I think this on the highe❄❄>Ӄ  r end of atheletic-focused the options (you would be considering other products if you were instead looking for a dress watch). If you're in the market for this type of product, this is a good choice. Recommended.

  4. Incoming call notification is avaliable to these watch is there how to set that please explain

  5. Yeah – see those loading circles? Good, because that's what you're going to spend 75% of your time looking at with this watch.

  6. After using the smartwacht from fossil a few months i'm still not very happy about it. I use the third party App Strava for running activities, but when i am using the smartwacht from Fossil, i still have to bring my smartphone every time. If i doesn't i doesn't have a GPS location during my excercise. This was the excact reason to buy this Smartwach..
    Can anybody here help me out with this problem?

  7. Hi fossil I know there is a bug. The bug is Google assistant not work for sent messages. Do you fix this?
    I don't have Fossil sport I just want say if this is fixed

  8. I'm not able to get whatsapp message notifications on my swartwatch . How to fix this?

  9. I just purchased this and realized I receive text message notifications but can’t respond on watch paired with an iPhone 😢

  10. such BS. I love how they make it look so easy, but the actual pairing procedure is a MAZE of sub menus on TWO devices. An hour lecture on calculus is more succinct than pairing this crap.

  11. I just bought a smartwatch sport and connected it to charge it, but every time it turns the screen on and off and I can't turn it on completely, what can I do?

  12. I just purchased this watch today is the battery life much better now….had pretty bad reviews 💯✊🏿

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