How to Set Up the Built-In DIGITS App | T-Mobile

Learn how to set up the built-in T-Mobile DIGITS App. You no longer have to be tied to one phone number on your phone! DIGITS lets you add multiple phone numbers to a phone. Watch more DIGITS App Tutorials from T-Mobile:

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  1. Do I have to be a T-Mobile customer or can I just download and pay to use the app?

  2. Due to this video being over two years old – nothing in this video works with my S10+ and my newly downloaded DIGITS app ….

  3. How do you do this on an iPhone? I can't seem to add my second phone number into the app.

  4. I'd rather use my Google voice bcoz I can do everything with it for free but with digits, u gotta make one call at least during a month in order to keep it active. U might as well get a free calling app from the "app store" to use instead bcoz with Google voice, u don't have that kind of downside.

  5. Many Samsung devices with built in capability do not have the correct SIM and are not "white-listed" to support DIGITS currently. When I went into the T-Mobile app, I did not have a DIGITS tile, and in Settings, I did not have a multi-line option. My S8+ needed a new SIM which customer support is sending me to enable this feature.

  6. So if i was to have two phones but only one line? but use both phones how would i have mobile data on both?

  7. this is for the multiple numbers on one device option. How about the option for same number on multiple devices for instance, my smartwatch and other smartphone how does that one work?

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