How to set up Charles Proxy on your Mac and mobile device

This video is a tutorial to set up your computer, your mobile device, and Charles so that incoming and outcoming network traffic from/to the mobile device can be monitored.


  1. Thanks a bunch. I was using an iOS device, and the process of getting an ssl cert is slightly different now but nevertheless this was super helpful.

  2. I would recommend to never download charles proxy because its a dangerous virus that makes you get locked out in Msp

  3. hey please help me to setup ssl certificate for window 8 OS. I am unable to install it.

  4. Is there anyway in the Structure tab to limit what is displayed? I am currently viewing traffic for this mobile app but in the Structure tab keep displaying a list of all these other web site my browser going to, it might just be ads. Is there a way to have it only display the traffic for the particular mobile app I am testing/working on? Please let me know if you have a solution, thank you.

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