How to Screen Mirroring, Android Apps, Cast Screen, AirPlay, Mac OS X, Windows

How to Screen Mirroring, Android Apps, Cast Screen, AirPlay, MacOS, Windows 10. Screen Mirroring Wirelessly, from USB cable, using Only Free or Paid Software. One of the new features of Android 5.0 and later, Is the possibility to mirror the screen of any device on his operating system. ➥ Subscribe

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  2. My Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 is android version 5.1.1 and I don't have the screen mirror/smart view
    Wtf how?

  3. Hi my Lenovo K4 note cast screen is connecting to my LG 4k TV but disconnects within 5 to 6 minutes kindly help me to solve this.

  4. My Android Galaxy Note 3 could mirror on it's own, I installed Mirror beta, now my android mirroring doesn't work anymore

  5. Now have at app store Screen Recording and mirror don't have mirror beta ??and cant on Samsung s2

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  8. AllCast en iPhone no pude transmitir a una Windows Pc y estaban conectados a la misma red Wifi, a qué creen que se deba?

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