How To Screen Mirror + CONTROL Android from PC/Mac [without root]

TeamViewer ➜
– – use “Host” app to control your Android
– – use “Remote Control App” to control your PC/Mac

Phone tripod:

My A-roll cam:
My B-roll cam:
My action cam/time-lapse:

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  1. I just did this same process and my phone screen on my laptop is super laggy. It's not even worth using it's so bad.

  2. is there any way to reduce the lag to be able to control it more easily?

  3. how do you set it up so your phone doesn't have to give permission to remote control when you access from desktop app?

  4. Hello. mine says screen sharing only and i cannot control it from my computer

  5. for Mi phone < I don't use this to full control please help,,,bro……thanks

  6. I spent nearly a whole working week trying to fix and overcome a range of casting issues which prevented me from live broadcasting in the way that I'd envisaged. After watching this video… No more problems. Thanks you very much for relieving me of a massive headache.

  7. Does not "control" anything on my Pixel tablet. Screen viewing only.

  8. Their licence agreement permits them to install third party API's on your device which do not comply with their EULA. Who still wants this?

  9. Cool video though. I haven't played with TeamViewer in years and looks like a lot of functionality has been added and i'll give it another go. I sometimes use Samsung SmartView or have used Air Droid.

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