Hey everyone! In this video I share my top 5 tips on how to save battery on BB10 devices, especially after installing Android Apps! ——social network—— twitter: …


  1. Hai Jan ole , ts lots of informative on your video. I am using passport SE on this days. But now the days am only using calling, text, email, browsing… Am not a very much apps user… For my business purposes am thinking to install Android WhatsApp on my phone. But lots of review am afraid for battery backup issue… Do you have any suggestions for that. Kindly help me out the problems. Am already using your methods on my bb passport

  2. For all the applications, turning off RUN WHEN MINIMISED option works well…but for whatsApp we have to CLOSE it manually every time we open it, using the CLOSE button seen @5:37

  3. Just bought bb classic yesterday from Amazon and battery drains a lot without any android app..I'm scrrwed up😷😷🤒🤒🤕🤕

  4. how to turn off advanced interaction like "swiping the device up to turn on". I need to turn off this feature in my BlackBerry Passport. Please help!

  5. What apps have dark mode and how do you turn them to dark mode? Would really appreciate a video on that.

  6. I'm just using BB Q10 recently, and this is my first time experiencing Blackberry 10. I just wanna ask you something. If we close recent apps, how to set push notification? Because my WhatsApp's notifications won't appear if not open. Do you have any tips for my problem? It's kinda sucks because I have to open my apps just to let the new messages appear….

  7. Hi, thanks for your nice videos about blackberry, watching all of them! Have a Passport and now got dtek50, and one thing that I have problem with is a battery life 🙁 Will be great if you could do video about extend battery life on blackberry android device

  8. Good work with these videos, very professionally made for one so young.

  9. Tip #5 is a godsend. Thanks for sharing. You're easily the best BB10 youtuber right now. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Jan,
    which would be the best Blackberry to do college work on? The Priv or the Passport and what app would you use to best construct essays?
    Thanks M

  11. Thanks, Jan. I would add two tips. First: Turn off "advanced interactions" which wake up the device with just a swipe. It drains the battery a lot. You'll have to wake it up by pressing the button on top. Not a hardship for me. Tip #2 is turn on battery saving mode all the time but only check "Limit maximum CPU" and "Turn off advanced". Leave data and location services on. I find I get two days of battery on my z30 instead of one day by combining these two tips along with most of yours and some of the comments.

  12. how to save money? stop buying blackberry devices.even they sells TCL made mobiles. we did not receive any 10.3.3 os for our bb leap str100-1 in dubai. i ask bb community they said only available for "direct purchase from blackberry" then what reason bb gives permission to sells its product to others? i don’t want to use autoloader.

  13. I'd say use 2g instead of 3g/4d, turn on the latter only when necessary. 2G is enough to use my push e-mail and it saves a lot of battery.

  14. Achso, und in einem der letzten Videos hast Du gefragt, welche Apps Du mal testen sollst: ich würde die "Checked! Aufgaben" App vorschlagen, weil ich zu blöd bin, den Locationreminder zu verwenden und die App auch ansonsten sehr mächtig scheint.

  15. Moin! Erstmal großes Lob: Ich finde Deine Videos super und professionell gemacht! Und es freut mich auch, daß auch junge Leute — und das auch noch aus Deutschland — BlackBerry Fan sind! 🙂 Jetzt zur Frage: Ich besitze das Passport SE. Hast Du eine Ahnung, ob bei eingeschalteten mobilen Daten auch dann der Akkuverbrauch höher ist, wenn man gleichzeitig über ein WLAN online ist?

  16. Sag mal welche Instagram APK benutzt du ? Auf meinem Q5 lief es geschlagene 2 Minuten. Sogar Instagram Story. Und beim nächsten Start stürzte die App ab. Seit dem keine Chance. -.-

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