How to save battery life on Google Pixel, Samsung, Sony, LG (Android)

We all want the battery on our mobile devices to last longer. Here are some tips & tricks on how to save battery life. (Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2, Pixel XL, Pixel, Samsung galaxy s10, s10 plus, S9, S9 plus, S8, S8 plus, S7, S7 plus, Sony Xperia one, Xperia Z5, LG, HTC )

Here are a few tips to improve battery life on your
phone, though you probably won’t want to do them…


  1. I'll use the brightness and battery saver, but I want to use the phone's features I bought it for so the rest is staying on.

  2. Nice and very simple. One doesn't need to do all these tips but do the tips that you prefer. I like the vibration typing so I can't get rid of it. What happened to "automatic turnoff wifi during sleep" in my Motorola phones with Oreo and below? This option is completely missing in my Pixel 3a (Pie). Saves lot of battery life.

  3. Was wondering why my pixel 3 xl was dying so quickly.. must have the brightness up, no battery saver and vibrations. Hopefully this works. Thank you for the video!

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