How To Save Battery Life On Android

Quick video giving you some tips on how to get better battery life on your Android phone. You don’t have to use all of these tips to save power, as any one of them will help extend the life of your battery individually. So just use the ones that best suit your needs.Improving your battery life will lead you to having to charge less and last longer throughout the day.




  1. Here are a few helpful tricks to save power and or recharge your phone quicker!

    * Keep Power Save on unless you really need the extra CPU power!

    * Uninstaling Facebook will save you between 15 to 25 percent on your daily battery life. Use your browser for Facebook instead!

    * Charge your phone and tablets when turned off they can charge up to 60% faster as the battery is not powering most of the device!

    * Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC & Mobile Data as when not in use this can save you a lot depending on your apps mine save me about 30 percent a day when they are all off especially mobile data & wifi. This also makes your phone alot harder to hack into!
    * Also turn off your Auto Screen Rotation this can save you 2 to 8 percent a day in theory!

    * If you have Multiple Batteries and a Battery Charger, Swap them out when they get too about 25% power remaining!
    * This way you can use your phone for much longer and if you put the low battery onto charge right away it will be full the full battery in your phone gets down low!

    *Turn off auto updates as many new updates have bugs that end up using more power, only update apps and OS after reviewing what others have to say about the new updates after I would suggest about a month!

    * Use a regular (Low Power!) USB Charger Port, A Fast or Rapid Charging Port will kill your battery much faster (upto to 60% faster!) than a standard trickle/standard charger!
    * This does not matter so much (except for the environment!) as long as you can replace the batteries easily!

    * Plug your phone charger into a surge protector that can also smooth out the regular current this can add upto 20 to 35% on your battery's life span (Use the same type of device for computers and tablets as well!), This does not affect your phone's battery until the 2 to 3 year mark depending on the quality of the battery!
    * This also has the benefit of saving your phone and other electronic devices during power surges which can kill low powered electronic devices like phones, tablets & computers!

    * Use Bluetooth devices to listen to your phone it cuts down on power consumption even more then wired headphone/earbuds as they use their own power supply to power the speakers rather than rely on the phone's battery to do that with wired headphones/earplugs!
    * Also Bluetooth uses far less power to send the signal to your wireless headphones/earbuds then sending it via cable even without having to power the headphones/earbuds because of electronic resistance all metals have even gold and copper, The Air does not generally have this same problem!

    * Do not have your screen colour set to a power intensive mode like Dynamic or Cinema but rather use Standard or Adapt Display modes for better battery life!
    * Also if you can turn off the screens colour so it's in grayscale mode, That can save your screens power consumption by about 40 to 60 percent almost instantly!

    * Force stop all apps that you absolutely do not need to use to stop background power and data consumption!

    * Unless you have bad eyesight you only need your phone's brightness level to be on between about 15 to 25 percent most of the time!

    * If you can swap out batteries but have no spars get a brand new one (check ebay!) and replace your phone's battery every 18 to 24 months this does not apply if you have multiple batteries and swap them out on a regular bases!

    * Never let your batteries get to Zero Percent instead take the battery out of your phone after it has been charged to 100% or Charge your Battery in a Battery Charging Station then reinsert the battery into your phone and restart your phone to calibrate your phone and battery properly!
    * Also while the battery is out press the power button for 10 to 15 seconds to help drain excess power to better help calibrate your phone when the new charged battery is inserted!

    Please feel free to share this list however and with whomever you like!

  2. i would ask about sync i didnt relize its role  yet ,i turnd it off so i m waiting your advice thanks alot

  3. Install easy battery saver and go full down the brightness,clear all the widgets in home screen

  4. Exactly. You'd think that as well as inventing all these cool features they'd at least spend some time expanding on the basics eg battery life!

  5. That was a horrible comparision lol. Having an android is like a lamborghini. Terrible gas mileage and u gotta get gas every 10 miles… -_-

  6. I've noticed that even if you maximize your settings for battery. It still guzzles the battery while doing simple tasks like texting. Just try to optimize your settings and when your done a task like phone call texting Facebook etc shut screen off instantly. Sounds obvious but alot of people do not

  7. The best way to save battery is take it out of the phone and keep it safe somewhere..xD

  8. Almost gotta ask yourself what's the point of having a smartphone when you have to turn everything off just to not kill the battery. I love all the cool stuff on my phone, wish they would just make a battery that could hold up. It's like having a lamborghini that you have to keep parked in the the driveway. {=0(

  9. i have a question : my android operating system uses 64% just the same for phone inactive 63% but 3days ago this it wasn'n this high and my phone goes like from 100% to 60% in 4hour of stanby? pls help and sorry for my english .

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