How to Run Android Apps on Android SDK 2013

Run Android Apps on Android SDK 2013

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  1. OK button is disabled in this screen and i can not create the machine (during the AVD creation). Thanks for help !

  2. Thanks for ur videos. If chance plz share for simulator like this video.

  3. when i run "adb install app.apk" it gives me error: more than one device and emulator .. Any idea ?

  4. How do I get more apps? I don't think you made that clear if so can you please inform me on how?

  5. when i create a new one.. i try to open it but it says an android virtual device that failed to load… and PANIC: android could not open.. help?

  6. I don't see that apk file in my folder, what to do?
    the emulator is working but it cannot detect the app

  7. It doesn't work to me..
    I type adb install "name".apk and it just does nothing..

  8. I installed the Android SDK files from the Android site however after moving the folder the programs wouldnt start. I deleted the folders and installed them again but while extracting them there was an error each time: error 0x080070570: Please Help. Thanks.

  9. The app never loads, it just keeps and keeps on loading on the loading screen and never starts, any help?

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