How to Root the OnePlus 3: Ultra Fast Edition

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ADB & Fastboot Guide:
SuperSU File:
TWRP Recovery:

Credits to Naman Bhalla for the guide on XDA:

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  1. Hello, just made the root with my 3t by watching your video. At the end the bootloader shows that its unlocked but when i am checking the root status with the app "root checker" it says "Sorry, Root access isnt properly installed on this device". Maybe you or anybody has an idea about what the reason could be. 🤷‍♂️

  2. i though this was the Fast Edition then it tells you first thing go to these guides? 🙂

  3. Is that the same process for the 3t? Thank u for ur answer..

  4. King root installed all the security apps on my one plus 3 running Android 8.1 but was unable to root the phone. it kept circling forward and backward on 1% for nearly 10 minutes. I stopped and uninstalled it. I installed it again but it kept the forward and backward circle so I left it longer but it was not doing anything. So I had to stop it. What shall I do, is King root not compatible with one plus 3?

  5. Hello, for me TWRP does not come up like yours at 2:06 in the video… it goes to the restart screen which says your device is unloced. Please help

  6. For some reason after I oem unlock it twrp won't install

  7. 02:00 When I go to recovery mode, it just vibrates a little and takes me back to the boot menu. What am I doing wrong?

  8. Great quick guide on rooting!! i have rooted phones before but, that was years ago. This guide helped me remember the steps and how to accomplish root access.

  9. Hey
    Great video!! I rooted my phone but got an ota update and I now lost the root access. Without losing the data, how can I get back root access. Please reply.

  10. Can anyone help. When ever I try to install superSU my OnePluse 3 carrier info just deletes after the reboot. And I try to go to the APN's to set it up myself but when I hit save it will not save and I am not able to use any cellphone data. How can I fix this? I have rooted befre but this time it will not work. And I did all the steps and my boot loader is unlocked and I installed TWRP and everything I just cant get service.

  11. when i sideload the twrp file the phone says that the installation has failed and now im unable to get into my phone. Please HELP!!!

  12. i do this all, but then my phone is getting a black screen and goes off,
    I don't get the screen to install (where you have to swipe)
    Anyone who can help me?

  13. I am stuck at the loading screen for the oneplus 3t I can get into twrp and sucessfully sideload supersu but I cant get into the OS

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