How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!

Here’s how to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1! FULL Step by step write-up instructions here: …


  1. Hey! Pls help..pls!! I want Minecraft on my tablet but i can't afford it and it's not compatible and i installed the chinese play store "Tongbui" and i searched "Minecraft" and i saw Minecraft and it was free! And when i went to install it it said "Your Android Version is to low 4.2.1 acces to root" and then i installed rootcheck then i went back to Tongbui and searched Mjnecraft and then clicked "Get" but when i clicked it,it said "Your device is not rooted please root it to get acces to any app" so i searched on Youtube "How to root samsung note 10.1" so your video popped up and i followed the exact thing you did and it still didn't work..please is there an other way?

  2. hi, i am not blaming him for what happened, BUT I ALSO DID EXACTLY WHAT HE DID and it BRICKED MY DEVICE……..may be because of unknown variables,,,,,,other downloads etc that interfered..but the device is BRICKED

  3. Hi Max, I have a GT-P7500 tablet. I followed the steps and after running odin installation my tablet keeps restarting but loads nothing.. Please help..

  4. when i download the it says "this archive is either unknown format or damaged" please help

  5. hey Max two questions, does this work with Verizon 4G tab? and if it does where do I get the second zip file that you showed on the video thanks.

  6. i have my samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 , when i try to charge it show the battery bar with a cross shows like it's not charging. i power on just hang on samsung logo . so i try to press the power and the volume button i try to hard reset , when it was on that mode it just when off. i bought a new battery still not power on…. now is dead . what can i do?

  7. I have another software that I need to bypass can I do it with it call me as soon as possible 561-302-3266

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