How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy S5 Easily

Root S5 (SM-G900) Easily WITHOUT installing any custom recovery like CWM or TWRP for

All Credit & Thanks go to ChainFire for making this possible

Root File for ALL S5 Variants:
SM-G900F: (International Qualcomm)
SM-G900H: (International Exynos)
SM-G900P: (Sprint)
SM-G900T: (T-Mobile US)
SM-G900R4: (US)


  1. I bricked my phone following this. Then I repeated it with Admin Rights and worked …

  2. Ive tried so many things, none worked. Your tutorial helped me root my device luv u so much.

  3. Salut!
    Vreau să-mi rootez telefonul S 5 neo, pentru a muta câteva aplicații pentru cardul extern.
    După ce transfer aplicații pe cardul extern, și sterg rootarea telefonului, aplicatiile mutate pe cardul extern revin pe memoria telefonului sau raman pe cardul extern?

  4. I once bricked my S5 trying to root it. I fixed it by downloading a new firmware to it. Cost 15 bucks for the firmware. They are not free but a learning experience.

  5. Hey my phone number thing is( SM-G550T1) what file can I choose please help

  6. I downloaded the correct version for my phone, but I run Odin I don't get the PDA box. can you help me out.

  7. hey, man nice, root worked for me, took awhile slow phone, works nice. UPDATE: been a few weeks, signal works i just had to restart my phone and reinstall the app with permissions, idk how to use the root lol, its just neat i guess

  8. My model is samsung-sm-G900V. How would I find the proper flash for this model? It's not covered in this video.

  9. thank you very much!!!!! I have been looking for how to root my phone for three full days, until i finally got to here. I still cant believe everything worked in less than an hour.. phone froze for 2 min after red pirate tho but everything worked!!

  10. Thank you so much, this was extremely easy and for me the root process hardly took over a minute or 2.

  11. hi what is the "knocks counter" that you speak of when you get to Odin part?
    , where a "1" will show up after rooting???

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