How to Root Moto M [Android Nougat 7.0 Step by Step Guide]

A simple and effective guide to root your Motorola M device. For rooting using this method, you will require your computer.

This was a guide made by me for rooting your Moto M. I hope it has helped you and if you have any questions ask me down below!
Here is some stuff that will help you go about the tutorial.

Download Link:

xda Link:

Rooting Moto M phone is…


  1. Seems to be working with XT1663_S375_170621_ROW and XT1663_S378_180503_ROW as well!

  2. Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.
    command shows when we used to enter the google drive
    pls help…..

  3. Bro i easily managed to unlock bootloader but after doing the twrp part my phone is bricked. It will start rebooting and then gets stuck on the moto logo. What should i do????pls help me.

  4. It says the files don’t exist anymore. Can you pls reply to this message with a new link? Pls and ty

  5. hi bro, i spent 2 days experimenting with 3 differnt roms, many twrps, many boot files and many sp flash tool. nothing worked. correctly follwoing your guide to specific s356 build number only works. nothing else.

  6. i tried to root my moto m by using this method. Everything went fine until the link posted here got broken and i had to search for an alternate TWRP file and boot image, but resulting in bricking my phone. But finally after hours and hours of searching the internet. I finally found the perfect TWRP and boot image file for MOTO M. I'm posting it here if in case anyone needs it, please feel free to use it.


  7. my bulid number is
    XT1663_S380_180903_ROW what should i do

    this twrp file work for me or not

  8. Hi Manan,

    Where to get the bootloader image for XT1663_S378_180503_ROW . Please share the link. Also for me fastboot oem unloack_data got failed. Still my device was unlocked will this lead to any issue.

  9. I unlock my boatloader with this way and flash anther twrp bec. My device is not like that but when I finish it shows me the stock recovery help please

  10. Bro… My moto m is stuck in bootloop after flashing the boot img for twrp….its only showing the moto logo…i have unlocked the bootloader….pls help….

  11. After typing adb devices , list of devices or serial number dont show up , plssss help

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