How to REMOVE Ads in Android APPS [AdAway GUIDE]

AdAway 2.3
I hate Ads and I found a 100% working way to remove them from every App, guys 😉



►Google Talk, Gmail:


  1. Great tutorial. Btw it's quite cool that you are running a Chinese version of superSU while speaking with a German accent.. no offense tho. I live in Germany.

  2. You forgot to mention to remove your sd card before restarting if it is in device buddy. I nearly lost all my apps 

  3. Just for instance i have "DOWNLOADED AND APPLIED ADAWAY", can I greenify the app or it has to be running on the background monitoring for adverts from apps???

  4. Ive been using adaway on my s4 since a month or so after its verizon release, its always worked (on 4.2.2) for me…

  5. hi. i already installed adaway. but i cannot open tubemate if i block the ad. Is there any way to grant some apps ad? thanks in advance

  6. WOOOOW man, you used to have good videos, now your channel sucks. Unsubscribed.

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