How To Record Gameplay With Internal Audio On Android | PUBG Mobile |

How To Record Gameplay With Internal Audio On Android |
Poco F1, PocoPhone F1, PocoPhoneF1 PUBG (PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale etc.)
How To Record PUBG Mobile Gameplay With Internal Audio |
How To Record Internal Audio On Android No Root |

Record Gameplay like PUBG Mobile With Internal Audio, Best Trick Ever 2018.

Credit :- Game (PUBG Mobile)
Music :- Valesco – Cloud 9
Game :- PUBG Mobile, Geometry Dash Lite

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  1. Does anyone know this music? Ive been looking for this song for so LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. What is it???? Also what recording app do you use in general, because I'm just wondering if it only does it for that specific recording app…

  2. bruh, i wnt recorded internal n external at the same time by using earphones while can hear they chit chat but this step doesnt work!

  3. Screen record karnay se file 1gb ya 2b ho jata hay,is ko kis tarah convert kartay hay?ta k file k size Kam ho jaye

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