How to Push Android Studio Project to GitHub?

In this video we will learn how to push your Android Studio Project to GitHub.


  1. hello, which program do you use for screen recording and editing videos? good luck for your work 🙂

  2. What to do when we get push rejected message dialog box and asks as to choose between merge or rebase ?? If i choose merge what will happen and if i choose rebase what will happen ?? Can you please explain it.

  3. can someone help me? I get an error when I try to push for the first time. it says push to origin/master was rejected.

  4. I pushed my code. I changed some codes. Now I want my project to downgrade. How can I sync my current project with the previous version?

  5. Perfect description. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it.

  6. it add project in my main repository and its work great but if i want to upload more than one project in same repository than?

  7. Thanks a lot brother. Can anyone tell me if I have done changes in my project how to update it on git via Android studio?

  8. Sir, there is error showing in my pc at the last step. In which i need to puch my project to github but the notification popup and tell Push to origin/master was rejected. So please tell me what i do?

  9. Completed what you taught in the video.
    Now I have changed some lines of code. I want to push this version to GitHub.
    I need to follow whole video process AGAIN???

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