How to Play : This War of Mine – a Beginner's Guide

This War of Mine is a war survival video game developed and published by the Polish game development company 11 bit studios. The game differs from most war-themed video games by focusing on the civilian experience of war rather than front line combat. Characters have to make many difficult decisions in order to survive everyday dangers. There are various endings for each character, depending on the decisions made in the game. This War of Mine was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and…


  1. 13:35 lemme correct that , to get a survivor from normal to hungry it takes 1 day. To go from hungry to very hungry it takes 2 days of being hungry. The same for very hungry into starvation

    Rule of thumb : Optimally feed your survivors after they've been hungry 1 day, because cooked food and canned food "heal" up hunger till the previrous level no matter what , so don't eat the day your survivor is hungry and just wait another day. If you really have no food , then feed them the second day of VERY HUNGRY but keep in mind being very hungry decreases your speed which can matter a for your scavenger when its visiting sniper junction

  2. When i download this game but 5 second later i delete it.😭

  3. When i download this game but 5 second later i delete it.😭

  4. If you have Roman, raid the Military Outpost as soon as possible.

    You take out the first 4 guys in the the first night, then on the second night you clear the rest (to get all the guns and ammo without ‘em despawning on the guys) and when the second night is done have Marko clean up (Scavenge) and bam, you’re capable to raid almost any thing for food and materials.

    This is for beginners and those who haven’t thought of it. I bet pros already have their own strategy.

  5. I would you do a playthough on this game :D. I love playing this game but unfotunaly my computer broke down so I haven't be able to play the game.

  6. TIP:If you help anyone in need of supplies it will get rid of sadness.
    What happend to me is all the people (in game) were sad and then there were 2 children saying that there mother was sick and the father is in war. They asked for some pills and i gave it to them. When they did they were happy and left. I checked on the people (in game) and all of them were not sad. They were sad because I robbed the homeless at the school. So if you rob people and you want your people to stop being sad then help people and they wont be sad (in game).

  7. i know you cant change it now but just letting you know, the names for marko and borris should be switched

  8. Thankyou for making this video it helps me more, i'm on android but it's okay it's the same gameplay.

  9. I am surprised he didn't go over that you can place items in a Scavenge slot; When I go to a location that I know I'll probably go multiple times, I take all the items and place it into the first lootable slot, then after it is all done. I know 100% what is there and what is not. Helps me Keep Track and Save Time.

  10. Yo your game looks way more colorful than mine. Whys mine so grey? I'm playing on switch btw.

  11. Thanks man. I just bought the Android phone port. I love this game, but it's definitely hard starting out.

  12. I stop playing this game cuz I would only survive 1 or 2 weeks.. Now that I got the tips and tricks I should last 4 week 😅

  13. A f’n crowbar opens locks?!?!!?!? Wtf!!!! I’ve been doing it all wrong this whole time

  14. Did just see the video really good and your hard work turned out really good in the video, now I'm actually knowing what I'm gonna do in the game thanks

  15. My favorite memory with this game was the end of a Cveta + Anton play through. I dont remember how, but everyone else died leaving Cveta alone. Being winter as well, she got terminally ill, with no meds in sight. So every day and every night, she slept until her eventual demise ….

    And then the war ended. She was saved. I cant put into words how amazing it felt. I had somehow beaten the odds by dumb luck! This game truly is amazing

  16. Woah, if I’d known there were deep games like this I’d have invested in some gaming kit😳

  17. You can alt f4 if you mess up during scavenging if you are fast enough and do it before it ends the night it will start you off the day before.

  18. The unity bugs pics got me laughing so hard 😂 also great video! Definitely earned my like and subscribe 🙂

  19. cool, cool, cool…in 20 minutes video one usefull section – states expplained and then you went full captain obvious with scavange, crafting, etc. At least there is no ads in the video.

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