PUBG aka Player Unknown Battlegrounds Xbox One Controller Setup. This video will show you how to play PUB with an Xbox Controller. I break down the controller setup in steam and show you the Xbox controls for PUBG aka Battlegrounds. For more PlayerUnknown’s Battleground content click here:

Make sure Xbox Configuration Support is Enabled in Steam Settings by clicking ‘steam’ at the top left of Steam click Controller at the bottom. Then finally click ‘General Controller…


  1. Hey guys, some of you will notice I have made a video on this topic already. This video is a breakdown of the controls and it shows people how to customize all the settings for themselves as well as the ones I recommend. This is handier if you don't want to rely fully on an already made present. If you're new here be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE.

    Much love #7SQUAD.

  2. When im done with this setup, does it allows me to play PUBG on PC with my friends using Xbox or PS? Basically all this is making PUBG think im playing on xbox right?

  3. Just randomly came across your video and saw your friends with MikeinHD lol

  4. Hello, I wanted to know if you can configure the joystick for the viewfinder, ie the sensitivity for 2x 3x etc.

  5. I just started using a xbox controller on PC and trying to setup sensitivity setting is a pain in the bleep. How differ is console sensitivity aiming and pc xbox controller sensitivity aiming?

  6. the sensitivity in the controller is so fast even when i put it to 2 from 5

  7. I can't find your perfect Xbox one config and I am not spending this much time binding f that. Just repost your config please

  8. Some of it is a bit unclear (you say anollog pad in ref to the D pad). All in all SUPER helpful, thanks.

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Ive had the game since alpha and no matter what I did, the controller wouldnt ever work! Now it finally does! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. where is medical? how do you scroll thru meds, and take a med?

  11. Does anyone know the actual xbox controller config? like the controls straight from xbox? thats what I want.

  12. If you hit "Browse Configs" you can find this setting near the top. It will preset everything exactly as it's set in this video so you don't have to build this all out manually.

  13. This video was really helpful man, just one question. how would I set my left trigger to the scope which is the right click on the mouse

  14. Does this still work after the recent patch? My game doesnt seem to recognize my controller in game.

  15. so i did all of this and watched other videos where they basically say the same thing as you and my controller still doesnt work when i open pub g. any clues as to why?

  16. how the hell do you get to the regular press part? i dont see how you are getting to that option

  17. can you do combos? like two buttons at the same time? or holding down one and taping another while that first one is held down?

  18. how the hell do you even get to the settings to configure crouch and prone using the b button there isnt enough in depth explaining on these things were not all masters at it.

  19. You Talk too Damned Fast. And you don't Explain it well enough.

  20. Hey. I found a way to make the link work, at least for me. What you have to do is to go into Steam Big Picture and then into the web browser and go to "steam://controllerconfig/578080/1099452602". The controller binding should come up and all you have to do is press apply and then save.

  21. My pc isnt detecting my xbox controller either 🙁

  22. Um controller configurations isnt in the links for me

  23. My main concern is aiming. Like you mentioned it's not the best right now. Did you play around with sensitivity in game? Got suggestions for a controller only setup for aim? Also, do you know why the in-game prompts won't always show the controller settings?

  24. It won't show me the "steady aim" or "aim" it's just says "right mouse" or "left mouse" when I bind it. I'm having trouble.

  25. Wait -_- nvm I got it. I put down what I wanted for my controller setup. Thx a lot

  26. Just cuz of this vid, im gonna buy this game. thx so much. YOUR A LEGEND.
    does it work with a xbox 360 controller

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