How to Play PUBG on ANY Mac | How to play PUBG Mobile on Mac – without Bootcamp ( NO CLICKBAIT )

Today I show you how I play Player Unknown battle grounds on my iMAC. You can play PUBG on any mac for free.

First download mumu emulator

Second download PUBG apk

Thats all, link your facebook or any other social account and start playing.

I explained here, how I setup my keyboard and mouse

00:20 Starting emulator

00:30 Set screen resolution

01:20 Starting PUBG

03:00 Create your game…


  1. Do not download that softwer it's asking for system security and privacy. if yo care about your privacy i better recommend you not to download this application

  2. It is saying enable SIP
    I already enabled it but it is still saying enable SIP I think

  3. brother mumu emulator is very slow and blue stacks works fine on my Mac but docent has key mapping
    which emulator should I download

  4. yeah but i couldnt figured it how to set controls.. there nothing such like a pubg preset on keyboard settings

  5. hi
    i downloaded the mumu app but its not working om my imac can anyone please till me how to fix it
    if you could answer mr on my snapchat i would be glad and heres my snapchat (hmily4)

  6. I will Advice You Don't go out of your scope , most of your subscribers interesting in programming and coding stay consistent please , goodluck 3>

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