Planning your next RV trip and want to make the most of your trip? Here are the top 5 apps we use when route planning. And we announce the WeBoost winner + a subscriber giveaway!

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  1. We just got a 27' travel trailer and are learning SO MUCH from your videos! Sadly, AllStays is no longer available for Android devices, but there are some other good options as well. Stay safe out there!!

  2. Great info. Love the energy from you both.
    Learning as much as I can about full time Rving.
    Thanks for all the tips.

  3. Thank you for this video, I am trying to learn as much as I can before I jump into living the rving lifestyle this August.

  4. (1) AllStays – Google View, (2) Harvest Host – Vineyard, (3) Pinterest – Best Of, (4) Instagram – Guide, Pics, (5) Four Square – Food Ratings (6) Google Maps…

  5. I just finished 4400 miles using Allstays and Gas Buddy. I have RV Trip Wizard, but it's more for the people who must plan every moment.

  6. My husband and I just started watching your videos last week. We are empty nesters but wish we could of done this with our kids. Unfortunately it would of been impossible as he was in the Army when they were growing up. We recently became fulltime RVers due to his parents needing support (long story). Once they don't need our help, we plan to hit the road. Right now we are in a truck slide in camper but hope to upgrade before we leave our home docking area. I am still new to vblogs and some of the apps you use, so I was wondering if there was a way to email you with our story. Not to mention I don't feel like blasting it to the public just yet.

  7. Is there an updated video for apps? Are you still using these? I can't get Allstays on android.

  8. The problem with google maps while towing a travel trailer or 5th wheel is that you can’t plug your height, length, or weight in. Which are all very important things when it comes to rving. Rand McNally is a better option because it takes all those things into consideration while calculating your route. Rand McNally can do everything google can and then some. Google maps is great to use if you’re just driving from place to place without a travel trailer or 5th wheel. Now that you guys have a 5th wheel I’d strongly suggest you to switch to using Rand McNally over google maps especially since you are now going to be over 26k gvw. If you use google it will put you on roads that you do not belong on and the tickets can be pretty hefty depending upon the state, county, and city your inn. Even tho your not doing it commercially you can still receive a ticket for impending traffic because you can’t go under the bridge, over weight ticket for the bridge or road you are on, or an over length ticket. Love the content but just a helpful suggestion from your truck driving sub

  9. I just saw this video. This video is near my home town. If you haven’t been to paisley Oregon you should go there. Check out the summer lake hot springs!!! We live the bend and surrounding areas!!!

  10. So our GPS in our Truck and on our phone works fine but we need something to help us locate routes that are RV safe and find Gas Stations that are RV friendly. With a 46' ft fifth wheel, we must go in one way and exit the same way without having to turn around. Plus we want a place to stop to let out our dogs. We find truck stops normally get this done.

  11. I really enjoyed this video and the tips you gave. I had a hard time finding it after I saw it. Is there a site I can access for your videos or information? I was really interested in All Stays but I hear it is Apple only and I have a Samsung phone and a regular laptop we will be using. Any help there? Thank you, Lynn Cunningham in CA

  12. I use my Garman (RV Model RV 760LM) and RV Parky. Rv Parky is fast no messing with it . Turn on your location press the my location button shows what CG's around you. Along with Walmart, food gas etc. Also can search by city/state. Love it !

  13. Hey KYD I start my 10 month RV road trip on April 16th from Washington. I'm Australian and have been planning the trip for 2 years. I bought my RV in Washington last year before popping back to OZ for summer. So I rewatched your vids for the best apps. Definitely going down the Oregon coast to California before my sister joins me for 3weeks on our route 66 road trip. I hope to see you on the road. Marilyn

  14. Wow, your channel is amazing. Just found it and it is really helping me to plan a little for RV life. Have not yet got a RV. Really striving for the Grand Design momentum 397th.
    Thanks so much, Mike

  15. I didn't spend much time in AllStays' website because it looked like they had 15 or so apps that all do different things. Or is that just examples of all the things ONE app does??

  16. I am new to RVing and have not had my travel trailer out as of yet. I live on the East Coast. Do you do any traveling on the East Coast?

  17. I know, old youtube, you may also check out "RV Parky" app. The only drawback with it is that does not currently navigate. Plus is that you can put the dimensions of your rig in and it will plan the route around low clearance, load limits, narrow roads…so far so good.

  18. Another vote for Camp & RV By Allstays ($9.99) but well worth it. We used it in Calif and Nev to find very quiet but amazing campsites with excellent hosts.

  19. So, if you are "underway" and didn't find anything on the 'All Stays' app, how are you getting the computer to bring up the Harvest Host app?

  20. Thanks for the information. Allstays is no longer on Google Play 🙁 I have heard that it's a fantastic tool. Tricia, I am with you there on Pinterest 🙂 I planned our entire 2 weeks in Paris/Rome on it 😀 That and TripAdvisor <— I recommend checking them out too!

  21. Another great video with good info. Im a newbie heading out in couple days appreciate it

  22. hi, i was wondering, is it difficult to find an rv park that will have big enough areas to handle a 40 plus foot 5th wheel. thank you

  23. AllStays is great for iOS. We found that RoadTrippers is good and works well on both iOS and Android.

  24. Have you checked out the app called Truck Map? It was primarily created for use by truckers, but it has lots of things related to RV travelers, too. You should check it out. Another bonus is that it is free and it is so easy to use. Love to hear your thoughts of you use it.

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