How To Pair Android Phone with Chevy MyLink Bluetooth

How To Pair Android Phone with Chevy MyLink Bluetooth

In this video you’ll learn how to connect your smartphone to your Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system. Connecting your Android phone to the Chevy MyLink by Bluetooth is quick and only takes a few simple steps. Let’s break these steps out for you so you can know how to connect your cell phone to your new Chevrolet.

Step one, select the “settings” icon on your MyLink color…


  1. This isn't a race! WHY IS HE TALKING SO DAMN FAST?!?!? Had to replay/pause video several times. I sware these instructions sound prerecorded.

  2. My bluetooth only works for phone calls with my Samsung Galaxy S9 in my 2017 Impala LS the only way I can listen to music with my phone is if I hook my AUX Jack to Media, I wish it would work Bluetooth,,

  3. hi i''m asking i i can transfer my phone screen to my car screen chevy malibu 2017 using android auto. I' already try it doesn't work…thanks

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