How to Optimize Game Performance for Android on Arm

Originally created for GDC 2020, this video shows mobile game developers how to use Mobile Studio to optimize performance for Android games that run slowly, overheat the device, or quickly drain battery. Mobile Studio is a free-to-use performance analysis tool suite that automatically analyzes the game performance profile and presents actionable advice about where to optimize. It can also provide a scalable solution for game studios looking to avoid expensive refactoring by building…


  1. Very Bad gpu in the world.what are you doing now about gpu in smartphone? Gpu in snapdragon it very better than you! Fool company fake spec fake information fake test fake performance.gaming phone doesn't use your gpu anymore because it very low frame rate than snapdragon gpu~No innovation in this company 🤏🏼

  2. If ARM were to collaborate with the FOLD-IT project, the potential computing power to fight the Covid-19 virus would be practically endless. There are perhaps billions of (old and new) ARM based mobile devices laying unused. You and Google are in a perfect position you really push the tech to a new low level! (pun intended) I'm a layman, no coding experience. But it seems quite plausible to remove most processing overhead with your help.

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