How To Mirror iPhone Screen to Android Phone/Tablet (iOS to Android & Android to iOS) – 2018

Mirror your iPhone Screen to your own or even friend’s Android device with ease.

I had to make a video about this because it’s so fun and it’s also useful when it comes to “Giving Phone to someone” situation xD.

You can Mirror iPhone Screen To Android and Android Screen to iPhone too.

Apple Store:
Android Store:

More about Screen Mirroring :
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  1. If I turn off the iPhone will the screen still be displayed in the android phone or it's off

  2. Thanks Btw
    You really make my boring day into Happiness:)

  3. My Android tab is a 4.4.4 and it doesn’t support that app can you have me another app for Android TO iOS not iOS to android

  4. Do you know any other possible ways to control the Android screen with your fingers while it shows the iPhone screen?

  5. Decent tutorial (effort well done) and myself being somewhat of a mobile tech can provide additional proof that AirpowerMirror often works well except! One bone I gotta pick SINCE when is APMirror free as its NOT free in my world

  6. Bgs sich tp knpa pas bikin vidio knpa patah” terus klo pive d cube tv tiba” pts d tengah jalan tolong dong pemasukan nya

  7. Also you can’t use this app with your hotspot, it must be a WiFi connection

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