How To Minimise Stutter & FPS Drops In Fortnite Chapter 2

In this how to guide we look into minimising stutter / judder while boosting our FPS on the recently released Fortnite Chapter 2. Most of the footage in this video was recorded on the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT and at 1440p. I tested the game on both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Hopefully EPIC will have a full fix out soon but until then the methods we came up with do make a big difference to the smoothness of the game.

Method 1: Use Higher Settings – 4:10
Method 2: Variable Refresh Rate Displays…


  1. Hiya guys, I have left links to the different methods in the description so you can skip right too them. If you have any questions or anything, please let me know! Hope this helps some of you out 🙂

  2. You can type this in start paramaters "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -NOTEXTURESTREAMING -NOSPLASH" and set every setting to lowest except Textures, set them to High or Epic.

  3. let me tell you something. Turning on input delay increases input delay. It is the most obvious feeling thing

  4. this was the video I've been looking for. someone who's done the research for me

  5. It’s funny, he’s talking about bad frame rate yet his is at 200, mine is literally a 4fps

  6. Hi, I'm trying to record my screen on fortnite it stops recording almost everytime for no apparent reason any ideas please?

  7. Unfortunately none of these tips helped me. I still can't get stable frames unless i cap to 60 which feels like 30 cause im using a 144Hz screen and is very disappointing not being able to play to that fps

  8. my fps is 60 and i get drops to 20, in the vid you said it only applies to high framerates, but i still get massive drops all the time?

  9. I didn't have a big stutter but it was annoying. I just switched texture quality to epic and its running smoothly now. tnx! (using RTX 2060)

  10. Thanks for this man it guided me in a more specific region of fixtures. I tried the following. 1) Regedit HKCUSystemGameConfigStore. Locate GameDVR_Enabled Set value to 0. 2) HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftPolicyManagerdefaultApplicationManagementAllowGameDvr. Locate value set to 0. 3) Check the solution on my channel if you like but the above steps will suffice. This took FPS drops from 5 – 60. The creator of this can even use this solution in his Videos as long as people can enjoy gaming 😀

  11. This problem is still not fixed, on my graphic card I used to get 120 fps without any shutter but at some areas in the game it drops to 60 and in team rumble it gives only 60

  12. Okay I need help. I go into creative to practice and after I go into pubs and my fps legit drops to 5 and 20 and its so annoying. If I go from pubs to creative then creative lags, and if I go from creative to pubs then pubs lags.

  13. So it's been quite a long time but the issue still persists. Lemme give you my issue in detail:
    I've got a 90 hz oc laptop monitor, which has a Gtx 1050 Ti and I5 7300 hq. The rig can squeeze about 100-110 in Pubs and 120-125 in creatives. But in pubs, the stuttering is real, frames drop suddenly to 20 fps when jumping from the bus and it feels horrible. Tried checking frame times in RTSS and even capped the frames from it. No result. Help!!(。•́︿•̀。)

  14. i had recently got a new gaming laptop and i was worried i got scammed or something because I had HUGE microstutters in game without realizing what it was. I mean it was as bad when 120 fps felt like 45.

  15. Hey if you are having stutters and crazy fps drops when you are landing than there is only one option that you have to buy a new hard disk or better off an ssd. I would recommend an ssd.

  16. turning vsync on fixed it for me so far. I tried it with fps capped and uncapped and it's not much of a difference. I think capped is a little better.

  17. for me i get a slideshow of pictures when i jump out of the bus

  18. My FPS is static on 120 but sometimes drops to 1 wtf 🙁
    No fix in 1 year or so!

  19. i have just switched from console to pc and i re downloaded fortnite and was excited to use 144hz for the first time but ive just been having huge fps drops randomly then my game freezes for a long time and when i die it takes soooo long for me to respawn and after it does for some reason i wasnt able to shoot my gun but i was able to build so at this point i have just given up

  20. For me its a complete mess. Everytime i go anywhere the game lags so much its about 1 frame per second for a while. After that it will be a little better but still sometimes insane stuttering. It was never like this before and i just don't get it

  21. I have a i3 8100 and gt 730 and 8gb ram i capped my fps to 120 my fps is fine in creative but in public matches in the final zone i got a lot of frame drops and sometime the texture don't load what should i do? buy RAM or GPU or cpu?

  22. Thank you so much! I've been having this issue for months now and it made 0 sense to me since my PC is quite high end.

    Capped my fps, enabled vsync and low latency mode and the game runs just fine now.

  23. all i had to do was change textures to medium and my frame issues were fixed

  24. January 2019 300 fps average, April 2020 110 fps average….. wtf ??

  25. so I should turn off v sync when I do the textures to epic thing?

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