How to master the Camera App on iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro!

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Camera app have a ton of new features. Let’s go through them so you can master Apple’s best cameras yet.

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  1. My night mode keeps making my camera unfocus constantly and it’s always blurry for a sec then it goes back to normal for a sec and it won’t let me change the lighting mode is there a way to turn it off in settings?

  2. Am sorry but watching this on the s10 and comparing the features and and still iPhone are lacking so many features hence why I prefer Samsung every single time. The only thing good about and iphone is that it makes people look flashy but the phone itself is wack and really bad

  3. I liked the 6s camera MUCH better…this thing is dreadful….night mode all yellowish….

  4. i went from the 7 to the 11 and i feel like a whole new person it’s amazing

  5. DUMB!!! Don’t bother wasting your time here, this dude flies through and you can’t do anything or learn specifics at 100 miles an hour!! Move onto someone else !!

  6. Went from 6s to 11pro… not much difference. About to trade it in and go back to android

  7. I’m just here to learn how to turn on the flash…… I’ve had my phone since it first released.

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  11. Why does my face look so bright and fake and edited on the camera ? I’m not happy with the unrealistic camera to make us look better

  12. sorry but you didn't even mention Live Mode or how to escape the different settings once inside them. Not much use for this video

  13. Is there a way were u can stop the camera from doing burst shots wen ur using the timer? I hav iphone 11 pro (the big one with 3 cameras)

  14. any hints so i’m able to take a picture through a window screen without the camera focusing on the screen but instead capture what is behind it? thanks!

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