How to Make Motorola Factory Cable to Unbrick Your Android!

Here’s how to make Motorola factory service cable to unbrick your Android if you are stuck in fastboot failure mode with low battery.

This will work on ALL Motorola Android devices including Droid 2, Droid 3, Droid 4, Droid Razr, Droid Bionic, etc…etc…

See here for full instructions:

Very easy to make, just solder from Pin 4 to Pin 1. That’s it!

There are guys who are selling this cable for $25. You…


  1. LIFE SAVER. Holy shit I actually thought my RAZR was gone for good.

  2. you are so stupid and you are trying to make people lose their charging circuits, this will only result in a chort circuit, you cannot connect 1 to 4

  3. I try flash my motorola mb256 with Android version i have them he restart don't turn on and light even don't turn on,possible get turn on?

  4. If I did this would I be able to flash stock recovery on my kindle fire 5th gen 7in in fastboot? I'm not sure what happened but I think my recovery got erased when I flashed slimrom.

  5. Max Lee ThnX Buddy 🙂 It Works … Can U Plz Tell me How To Make Auto Recovery Cable or Connector

  6. I don't have access to any solder/permission to buy one. Is there any other make this?

  7. sir i have moto e that is hard brick when i update it 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 ….. mobile now not responding …. any solution for it

  8. hi thanks for the tutorial,
    i have moto e which just don't recharge no matter what i do.
    it shows 0 % battery always, but i can get into bootloader which says battery low, however if i connect it to my pc with usb cable ,in bootloader moto e says usb connected charging.
    should i use your method to charge it?

  9. @Max Lee,
    I go my cable in today and fallowed the directions. My Razr HD Maxx xt926 will not boot at all. Says press and hold power and volume down then plug cable into pc. Nothing happen other then the sound when a usb is connected and green led light on. I am not sure what I am doing wrong or is something wrong with my phone. I tried it on my OG Razr and it booted up fine. It did show it was charging. I removed the cable and phone shut off. So, tells me that the cable is legit anyways. Any info you can lend me?

  10. My Razr XT926 was updating and ran out of battery. It will not turn on. How ever I get the green led when I plug the cable in. I am not good nor have my experience on soldering. So, I bought a factory cable to $9. Will this work on all Motorola i.e Turbos. I was thinking of buying one that will not turn on. As always, great videos.

  11. Dude, my cable only has four pins, not five. I searched other cables and all are equal only have 4 pins :/

  12. Hello! Nice tutorial, Did you know how to unbrick a Moto X? When i connect to the charger and pc usb it just turns on the green led but no bootloader :/

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