Don’t steal your parents credit cards… please.

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  1. Can you play with me I have a McLaren p1 I think I would beat you not bragging but I want to see how good you are I do watch your videos and I was wondering if I beat you can you send me some coins or can we at least play again

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  7. Guess what?
    Some random day I got all blue prints for the b class legendary ferrari, viper acr and McLaren P1

  8. I just got my 5* centenario.I had 2 Million credits,Upgrades were so expensive my wallet went from million to hundred in seconds

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  10. Its very easy fellows… Why purchase resᴏᴜʀᴄᴇs? When you could gain them for entirely fʀee by DanTasGuides. com Copy

  11. How to get free money *hey mum someone stole your bag she runs outside leaving her credit card yet let it of the table and spend it out and then yet it back on the table

  12. I'm about 476 years older than you and did my schooling in medieval times in London but this is an extremely down to earth and very informative video, liked and subbed. My issue is that i can only use TouchDrive due to Android motion sickness with painkillers I'm on and so am continually being knocked down in multiplayer and I've only 27 unlocked cars with Rep 33 and garage level 7 and I'm kinda stuck in the game. Got to Platinum the other week but can't get past Gold multiplayer now due to cars that seem to be invincible, ghost like and faster than light back and forth in the blink of an eye mostly with Chinese names so I'm not sure how to progress but still love the game. I'll probably be buried before you finish your schooling (HAH) but great channel you have✌️

  13. This is June Bug leader of club 56Ace. I hope to see you on the track Bro 🙂

  14. hello guys, Fantastic !!! I can immediately add tons of credits and tokens right here postisguides. com

  15. Ok aris im a noob what shall I do my ds e tense is shit in mp cos it top speed is shit oh i cant join any not so shitty club beecos they say im too noooooobbbbbb

  16. How did you get so much for expert race? I can only earn 150 000 credits

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