How to make Digital Gauges with an old Smartphone



  1. May/01/2020 – Llama app changed… but there's Automate made by LlamaLab. (Also found MacroDroid but that requires a rooted device.) In Automate I went under Community and then searched for Torque. Two good ones to choose from. I'm using a Motorola One and it's way different under settings as well, because it's a Moto and because new Android OS of course. I also bought a thin/stealth OBD2 adapter to extend the female plugin and hide the bluetooth OBD2 itself above my pedals so I don't see any blinking lights or device jetting out. Only thing I'm having trouble with is where to mount it and keep the cable neat and hidden, as well as easily visible without taking my line of vision too far from forward like you have to with that setup you have. — This may get annoying every now and then when I run MHD tune or other OBD2 logging apps with my iPhone but eh, this is the best gauge setup I have seen for BMW's! Especially price wise. THANKS for this 4 year old video that's still holding strong!!!

  2. Any recommendations for an alternative to Llama that does not require rooting for the same startup controls?

  3. Can't figure out how to use any other apps to do this with the llama app not available. Do you have another video on this

  4. Truly EXCELENT video and presentation, my hats off to you!  I too am using an "Android" system (Samsung Galaxy Series).  Having said that, for the life of me I can not find the "Liama" app ANYWHERE.  My "Torque PRO" edition, which I've downloaded (Nov 2019) does seem to be different than yours in as far as the "Home Screen" that I have and what you seem to have on the video…. Having said that, I can't find the "Liama" app anywhere in the "Torque PRO" app or, the "Play Store"…. nor do I find it when I "Google" it.  Any suggestions you might have would be GREATLY appreciated!     BTW, I too ordered and "Tried" the "OBDLink MX" Bluetooth Module and sadly, it was a total Disaster for me.  THAT was highly disappointing, as all the "Research" I did, the OBDLink MX, seemed to the an Excellent Option and Choice… but as I said, it just didn't work. I'm pretty sure I received a Defective one, but after over 8 hours trying to get it to Work, Pair And Connect with my vehicle and Two (2) different "Devices" (My Samsung Galaxy and  a Amazon Fire 7), I just gave up and returned it.  Now trying "other" OBD readers and hoping for better results…

  5. Very useful video, mate! Just a couple of questions:

    When you turn off the engine is the USB port still charging the phone or does the power to the USB socket also turn off after a few mins?

    Also, do you leave the OBD2 dongle always connected and does it also power off after a few mins once you turn off the ignition? It would be great if both turn off automatically, else they would drain the car battery.

    Hope this set-up is still working fine.

  6. pity Llama is no longer available on the app store… I'm nowhere near this smart but I'm trying to figure out Macrodroid as a replacement for that.

  7. Any alternative apps for iPhone? Llama and No Lock cannot be found in iTunes app store.

  8. when i turn off the engine, phone goes off, then i turn the car on, phone turns on, shows torque dials BUT…. torque immediately goes back to main menu… any ideas?

  9. So…buy an adapter, download one of many apps that do this, drive car. BRILLIANT! Did this need to take 21.27 minutes of my life???????

  10. When you're using that particular Bluetooth dongle, how responsive are the gauges.  Have you tested out a speedo or tach, is it "real time" as fast and responsive as the cars own gauges?

  11. would this work with a tablet instead of a phone? Id like bigger gauges for various items and I have an older car with a huge top center dash console that I could put a tablet in.

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