How To Make Contr0l On Andr0id Using Pdf File?

Hello Friends In This Video We Will Learn that how to make Control On Android Using Pdf File Easily And Step by Step Using Termux. For Hack The Hackers.


  1. Sir a sab APK and PDF file kaise dusre ke mobile pe vesna hai iska releted bas ek video bana do…plz plz sir

  2. $ mv -v Meh1.pdf /sdcard/Alarms
    copied 'Meh1.pdf' -> '/sdcard/Alarms'
    mv: cannot create regular file '/sdcard/Alarms': Permission denied

    Ye aa rha h sir plz help karo

  3. Thanks bhai
    Last step ke bare me batao please
    Kaun sa command use karna hoga
    Yaha tk mai kr le raha hu lekin agla step nahi pata hai

  4. Sir kay hum iske saath main target ke phone main metasploit shell bhej karl lifetime controll bana sakte hai bina pdf file ko open kiye please sir make a video on this topic plz

  5. How to manage multiple android in this method !!! Pls say sir I am. From Kerala and I love your veidios watching !!! So awesome 😍…
    Pls reply me sir

  6. Not working…. only I'm getting a session….it doesn't respond after getting session….sir plz help

  7. Abhi main ipforwarding se kar Raha hu Sab thik hain but PDF file se Nehi horaha hain kuch

  8. bhai mereko ip main problem araha hain termux main ,static IP milraha hain 192 .aise kuch Suru Nehi horaha hain plz bataye kaise ye solve karu

  9. Ka paTi paDa raHa ha Viewers ko

    This attack is only for Windows

    [aur ka bol raha tha tu kch cheezeein hidden rakhni pdte haa😂😂]

  10. keval Parmar 27 seconds ago
    Are bhai koi ishke aageka kyo nahi dikhata. bhai
    mai yaha tak] Started reverse TCP handler tak
    aakehi ruk jata hai bhai firse video banavo bhai

  11. It's method for window exploit not for android.give a correct information in thumbnail.
    Don't be confuse your subscribers

  12. If you want to bind a payload then use a tool kwetza available on github a very small file
    And open it
    Go to read me.txt and see the syntax
    It is coded it python 2 programming language
    Note : apktool should be installed
    And I prefer to use kali linux
    It will automatically sign it using jarsigner
    And default password is
    " password "

    Now when you have made the payload and try to install it a Google warning comes
    So to remove it we have to change the signature
    And to do so install apksigner from play store and sign the apk

    To auto allow permission
    Install apkeditor pro (old version 1.9 )not available on play store
    Now select your app and select common edit
    And change the sdk version to 22

    Port forwarding issues
    Ok so you need a static Ip address
    But its expensive

    HINT : open your browser type
    Ssh reach me…

    If you are smart enough you will be able to successfully create a payload…

    Now enjoy : )

  13. Listen bro i still have some problems

    ….. pls dont ignore my comment
    ….please contact me my user id on instagram is "eesh.g " please bro pleaseee

  14. Bhaya.. Direct payloads (apk. & exe.) ko pdf. , jpg and png ke sath keise bind karete hai.. Please reply..

  15. Bhai Android or payloads execute nahi ho sakte
    Bhai payload Tak permission mangta hai Android par
    Payload sirf install ho sakte hai
    Yeh windows nahi hai
    Yeh sirf Android ke lower version pe hota hai

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