How to make android phone faster? Reduce lag: Rooted & not! Facebook & twitter apps slow down phone?

The biggest problem with any android phone is that over a period of time, they become laggy! Are you facing the problem and not knowing how to make your android phone faster? Here are 6 simple steps to make your android phone perform much faster and reduce lag.

I went a little curious about android phone numbers when I found an old phone in my garage and browsed up the numbers for android. I found out that 31.7% of the users use Android Kitkat or lower and 52.3% of the users use android…


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  2. If you root ur flipping phone That will cause lagging to ur phone.

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  4. Video for android users

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  6. I got my lg x charge a month ago i played a game called pubg mobile then weeks passed and it kept getting lag and more lag what is the problem

  7. Why not to defrag a phone?
    it will lower your flash drives life span and it wont give you better performance and It is the same as defragging your SSD

  8. These steps are really practical and useful. I liked reducing the animation speed to 0.25x which makes the phone quite snappy. Also it's amazing that you compared the performance of phone after and before installation of Facebook, Twitter and Messenger. These really makes your phone laggy.

  9. Alll Good Things:
    1. Delete Facebook(300MB)
    2. Delete Messenger(200MB)
    3. Delete Youtube(50MB)
    4. Delete Google Services(This is use much Ram and laggy!)

    5. Download Facebook lite(1mb)
    6. Download Messenger Lite(7MB)
    7. Download Youtube(4.4.11, 2MB)
    8. Download Older Google Services From Internet(browser) (Be Careful, I download the Trojan from internet)!

    – If you have root download this apps
    1. Anspeeder(Best, Clean Cache And Ram, Just Click Go!)
    2. LagFix(Like Defragmenting on PC)
    3. Download Freeze Apps From Google Play(Download The Best for your self)
    4. Download Fast Reboot(44kb, Restart all services and speed up)
    5. Factory Reset

    And Factory Reset and apply all my things and enjoy in speed! ๐Ÿ™‚


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